Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Sterling Heights, MI

You Want to Know, We’re Here to Answer

We know you have a choice when it comes to choosing the right dental office for you and your family, so please call us with any questions you might have. We also invite you to review the FAQs listed below to receive additional information.

How Often Should I Visit the Dentist?

It is recommended that you see us twice each year for dental checkups and cleanings unless otherwise noted. Creating a personalized dental plan will allow us to address any early signs of decay, infection, or damage, helping to keep your smile on track year after year.


What Is The Quickest Option For Repairing Decayed Teeth?

At Forever Young Dentistry of Sterling Heights, we offer same-day crowns using Planmeca. This advanced type of crown will repair your decayed tooth by putting a porcelain cap over it in just one dental office visit. Not only will it give your smile a better appearance, but the Planmeca system eliminates the need for additional appointments!


How Do I Choose The Correct Toothbrush?

When choosing a toothbrush, there are many things to look for that will give you the edge you need to clean your teeth the best you can. After consulting with Dr. Young, consider the hardness of the bristles (opt for soft ones), the head shape, and a handle that works for you.


Why Should I Choose Dental Implants To Replace Missing Teeth?

When you lose teeth, the best option to repair your smile is dental implants. The reason they’re the ideal option is that they replace the roots of the missing teeth. When the roots are replaced, it ensures that there will be no bone or gum tissue deterioration.


Can I Bring My Children to Your Dental Office?

Yes! Dr. Young and our team of professionals are happy to assist young children. By monitoring their teeth, gums, and bite and facial development, we can mitigate issues early on and ensure they maintain optimal dental health as they transition into adolescence and eventually, adulthood.


Do You Take My Dental Insurance?

At Forever Young Dentistry of Sterling Heights, we are pleased to welcome your dental insurance and will work to maximize your benefits as well as file any necessary paperwork and claims. You are welcome to inquire further about other ways we can be of assistance, as we also offer alternative payment solutions should you need them.