Vitamin D and Dental Implants: A Surprising Connection

March 13, 2024

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3D render of a dental implant

Part of the reason why dental implants are so popular is due to the fact that’s they merge perfectly with the jaw, making them feel almost like a natural part of the body. In many way, they really are.

That means that, like the rest of the body, the amount of nutrients you’re getting can have an influence on the health of your dental implants. One that people often don’t get enough of is Vitamin D; here’s more information about this important vitamin, and what people can do to get enough of it.

The Importance of Vitamin D to Dental Implants 

The primary support for the dental implants comes from the jawbone, which serves as it’s foundation. Thus, the health of your implant is heavily dependent on how strong your bone tissue is.

Vitamin D is an incredibly important nutrient in this regard. You’ve probably heard that calcium can support your bone health, but that calcium can only be properly absorbed with the help of Vitamin D. Therefore, a good intake of this nutrient is critically important to the success of your dental implant in the long term.

How to Get Enough Vitamin D

As vital as this vitamin is, it’s one that many people aren’t getting enough of. A recent analysis of the last 20 years of National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys found that around 25% of Americans were deficient in Vitamin D, and an additional 40% were getting less than sufficient amounts of it.

For that reason, it may we worth covering how people can get enough of this core nutrient in their diet. The most important thing is sunlight; this is the primary way that most people will get this nutrient. Spending time outside during the day is great for your bone health, in addition to being a great way to destress.

Vitamin D is naturally found in all kinds of fish, from tuna to cod. Cod fish oil is therefore an excellent vitamin D supplement.

Many other foods, like orange juice and milk, are often fortified with vitamin D. This allows them to further supplement this nutrient that isn’t heavily available in people’s diets.

If you think you might be seriously deficient in vitamin D, you could always talk to your doctor about taking a certain amount of it in the form of a vitamin.

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